Getting Noticed: Another Key to Gaining That Leadership Position

Moving up the management ladder takes more than hard work. Those who put in the endless hours can find themselves frustrated as find themselves skipped over come promotion time. While it is safe to assume that hard work does get noticed, it’s those who stand out that get promoted. Women know this very well – because “if workplaces were like school, women would run the world”. Getting noticed and promoted takes more than being a diligent, “good girl or boy”.

In order to stand out among your peers you need to know how you are perceived by others and of your impact on others. Who is paying attention to you and why? Stand out by being outstanding. The better you know your strengths and weaknesses, the better chances you have to focus your strengths and move ahead to a leadership role.Getting Noticed Another Key to Gaining That Leadership Position

How to get noticed
Paradoxically, you receive more positive attention of the higher-ups when you are focused on serving others than yourself. The office politics often stir up the competitive “I-me-myself and mine” behavior. While this is a way to get noticed, it doesn’t impress anyone. Nobody likes a needy climber. Going the extra mile to help others succeed is a much more effective – and mature – way to be noticed.

Improve overall presence
If the managers in your office barely notice your existence, they won’t be able to advocate for you and recommend you for an upcoming promotion. To improve your overall office presence, consider working on your communication skills. Proactively present updates of your work in a succinct and clear manner to your boss. Not only will he or she be forced to acknowledge you and give you feedback how you can improve, but taking charge and interacting with your superiors will help shape your confidence.

Expand communication circles
Immerse yourself in the latest information about your industry. Develop your curiosity by asking how other people in and outside your company think about the issues affecting your field of business. When you attend meetings make sure you contribute by pointing out factors, giving ideas and asking questions.

Dress the part
The corporate world today is more informal that ever. However, pay attention to how to top leaders dress and follow the suit. Depending on what professionalism looks like – dress accordingly and a bit better. It never hurts to look a tad more professional. If the leaders in your office wear suits, you should too. Not only will you look the part, you’ll be amazed at your heightened level of confidence.

Lead and they will follow
Point to your supervisor areas where you can take a more active role. Propose areas you are particularly passionate about or interested in. Deepen your expertize in a particular area so that you become known as an expert in that subject and can speak with confidence. You will soon notice that people gravitate toward confidence.



Article Author: Kristiina Hiukka is a Seattle-based professional leadership consultant, coach and trainer. She works with CEO’s who are ready to invest in women leaders in their companies. She specializes in up and coming CFO’s, CEO’s, and Management Teams. She believes in creating positivity driven performance cultures. She grooms leaders and facilitates teams at small companies as well as global organizations such as Microsoft, Nokia, and the American Red Cross. She founded Women in Innovation, a community and summit that convenes women leaders with Big Ideas. A native of Finland, Kristiina serves as Honorary Vice Consul of Finland for the State of Washington. Kristiina speaks on a variety of leadership topics connected to her passions: Leadership, Innovation, Collaboration, Communication, and Gender Intelligence To get tips on Leading Smart and becoming the most effective leader in life and business Click Here

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