YOU.Coaching You As An Innovation Leader
YOU.Coaching You As An Innovation Leader

Innovation Leadership Consulting

If high performance, collaboration and innovation are important for you, it is time for transformative culture work. Leaders who understand the power of culture, make it their strategic asset and develop it intentionally. Because leaders do not often see their impact on their organization’s culture, they benefit from bringing in an outside perspective. Kristiina partners with leaders who understand this.

Innovation Leadership

  • GOAL: Consciously created innovation culture aligned with the business goals and the brand.
  • OUTCOMES: Clarity and alignment about consciously and collaboratively created organization’s culture and values. These values are evident in the ways people in the organization do their work and interact with each other. Teams function better, people are engaged, increased productivity and positivity create more innovation capacity. Clarity for hiring purposes.
    • Exploration between the goal and the current state (time commitment varies, typically about 12 months).
    • Pre-Intervention Diagnostic, Debrief
    • Leader Coaching and/or Team Coaching and/or Training: Introduction of the C-Force, the Six Dimensions of Innovation Culture.
    • Intervention Strategies Recommendations.
    • Review, Post-Intervention Assessment and Next Steps

Culture is created by how people behave and what they believe, what’s punished and rewarded. What you as a leader value drives your decisions – are you conscious and intentional what values you espouse? How do they differ from the organization’s values? Stop paying lip service to some virtuous concepts, start living out your company values!

Kristiina can help you when there is:

  • Innovative spirit is fading. Lack of courage and curiosity.
  • Lack of collaboration and communication.
  • Need to be right and fear of failure rule over learning and sharing the learnings.
  • Misalignment and competition between team members.
  • Conflicting messages and symbols about innovation.

If you’re interested in hearing a little bit more about Kristiina’s thoughts on this matter, listen to the audio recording of her presentation: