Living in the time of war

It happened on a beautiful, bright autumn morning. I thought I would never be able to function again when I was living through the shock of September 11, 2001. It took a while but I did.

They happened on some ordinary days when our kids went to their schools. I thought I would not be able to recover from the anguish of the school shootings. Each time it took a while but I did.

It happened at the end of a workweek, on a Friday when I was looking forward to going out to eat and to a movie. I think I will be feeling sad and sick to my stomach for the rest of my life because of this attack on Paris. It will take a while but I know I will recover.peaceFrance

Today I spent the day cleaning. Scrubbing the floors, wiping clean the shelves and nooks. Dust, dirt and darkness have no place in my life.  I have control of my life as I create beauty and lightness in my home.

Today I cooked. Nurturing the wellbeing of my loved ones with nourishing and colorful foods. Deprivation has no place in my life. I have control of my life as I create sweet smells and delicious delights in my home.

I realize that while my control of anything is limited, I can do my best to feel my humanity. An insidious World War has crept up on us through the daily news of terror. It won’t go away by turning off the news. While the barbaric brutality and cruelty of evil is changing the world as we know it, it also strengthens the resiliency of the human spirit.

Today I lit the candles. The grey skies were crying all day and through the black night for those killed and hurt in the City of Light and Love.  As long as I live, I can fight with light and love.


Article Author: Kristiina Hiukka is a Seattle-based professional leadership consultant, coach and trainer.  She believes in creating positivity driven performance cultures. She grooms leaders and facilitates teams at small companies as well as global organizations. She founded Women in Innovation, a community and summit that convenes women leaders with Big Ideas. A native of Finland, Kristiina serves as Honorary Vice Consul of Finland for the State of Washington. Kristiina speaks on a variety of leadership topics connected to her passions: Leadership, Innovation, Collaboration, Communication, and Gender Intelligence To get tips on Leading Smart in life and business Click Here

2 thoughts on “Living in the time of war

  1. Thank You. Light and Love is in us all, we just have to open the door and accept.

  2. Thank you Sheila! I recognize the light and love in you!

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