Management leadership consulting for executives and new managers

As the CEO you want to support the C-suite potential and executive presence of some of the up-and-coming leaders in your company.  CEO’s have found hiring Kristiina a smart decision as she coaches their protégés to be ready for the prime time through her proven Lead Smart leadership coaching method.

As an executive of a growing company you need your newly-minted managers and team leaders to develop their managerial ability to an impactful leadership capability that optimizes their team performance.  Kristiina’s Lead Smart training programs for developing leadership are tailored to your company’s needs.

As a team leader you are expected to produce more with less while creating a culture that retains the best performing people.  With Kristiina’s Lead Smart team tools you can measure your team’s productivity and positivity and be equipped with methods to boost your team’s performance.  Read more>

Kristiina Hiukka

As a professional leadership consultant, trainer, coach and author, Kristiina advocates for Collaborative Leadership and Innovation through Inclusion and Gender Intelligence.  Read more>


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