Playbook For Life

Discovery Core 107 I 2020

Getting to college is a big deal. Then, you are in, and you expected to make sense of it all. There are so many choices and decisions. And all of them feel like your life depends on them… or at least that the rest of your life is impacted by them. Stressful. Confusing. Being a first-year college student can be the best of times and the worst of times all in one. This can be your first-year college experience during COVID-19 as well – even if you do not leave your home and roam the campus. During the global pandemic, we are wrapped in our fears and confusion exponentially more than normal but it is not all bad. I’m determined to create a stepping stone experience for this new generation of academics that will inspire them to love their university years. We can do this – even via Zoom – at the University of Washington Bothell where I teach as an adjunct professor. For the students this fall, I’ve created a course I call Playbook for Life to make the first quarter an exploration into “Who am I?” and a design process of “Who do I want to be”. Here is a nice article that was written about it by Douglas J. Esser (click below to go to UW Bothell website):

An experience, not a lecture series


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