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Kristiina is on a mission to turn good leaders great and managers into leaders. She can share some of her learnings from years of coaching and developing leaders with your organization.

Kristiina has spoken for groups, associations, companies and conferences worldwide. She ignites with passion when she speaks about curiosity, courage, commitment and collaboration as the cornerstones of innovation and leadership. Her leadership-related topics include:

  • C-Force for Innovation – a transformative power of collaboration
  • Curiosity – the foundation of innovation and leadership
  • Curiosity, Courage, Collaboration – the makings of innovators
  • Collaboration – why it fails and how to make it succeed
  • Leadership Intelligence
  • Innovation Ignition on Teams
  • Lead as a Coach
  • Stop preparing – Be Present!
  • Don’t Assume, Ask Instead.
  • Higher Performance through Productivity and Positivity
  • Why Leaders Cannot Afford to Overlook Happiness

Kristiina Hiukka is a professional leadership consultant, trainer, coach and author, whose leadership philosophy is grounded in the ancient call to action, “Know Thyself” and her principle of “live and lead fascinated”.

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