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More Joy For All Women

The Sensibilities of Sensuality – Experiencing Joy of Life Take a moment and think back of your day today. Recall a moment when you felt the happiest? If there wasn’t such a moment today, think of one earlier this week… or month or year… Maybe it is right now? What

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Live and Lead Fascinated!

Sometimes curious things happen. Like being interviewed for a fascinating program called “Creative Life”.  The award-winning host of Creative Life, co-founder of the American Creativity Association, lawyer and author Philomena (Phyllis) Blees became fascinated about my motto “Live and Lead Fascinated!” – and we had a short conversation about it

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The 6 Conditions That Drive Innovation

Innovation is not only interesting, it’s crucial for business growth. Peter Drucker said that “Business has only two functions: marketing and innovating.” Teams in companies all around the world are required to be “innovative.” However, this is easier said than done.  While the human element of the innovation process is the most

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Playbook For Life

Getting to college is a big deal. Then, you are in, and you expected to make sense of it all. There are so many choices and decisions. And all of them feel like your life depends on them… or at least that the rest of your life is impacted by

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Innovativeness sustains innovation

The emotional rollercoaster of an #entrepreneur – especially that of a #startup leader – can determine whether the venture either flourishes or withers. I had an opportunity to present for the #UniversityofWashington #CoMotion #StartUpFundamentals series my “6C model” of #innovativeness – what keeps the flame of #innovation burning, without burning

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Three hidden inhibitors of innovation (Part 3: Rewards)

(In the last two weeks I’ve written about the hidden inhibitors of innovation culture. First I wrote about how strategy needs to be rooted in the human experience, and my second blog was about human-centered metrics. This article addresses rewards at work.) Although organizational culture comprises a wide variety of

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