Founder 1: “Our company has benefited enormously by your team coaching skills. You have practiced abilities that point to the kernel of value in any given dialogue or exercise. Your gentle but firm approach effectively opened us up to new perspectives and possibilities that we had not considered. This greatly enhanced our ability to collaborate and, most importantly, to face difficult conversations that might previously have proved frustrating and fruitless, with an open, confident and curious approach. This has made an enormous difference in our ability to work as a team. Thank you!”


Founder 2: “The Team Diagnostic gave us a wonderful snapshot into the strengths and challenges of our team. We were able to clearly see the areas that we need to focus on to take our team to the next level. The presentation and coaching was tremendous. The unique qualities of boldness and strength, mixed with humor and compassion allowed the team to learn and have fun in the process. I highly recommend the Team Diagnostic tool for any organization looking to create greater success. – Founding partners of a six-year-old, U.S. based consulting partnership with ambitious growth plans.

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