It’s been over a year since I began participating in coaching with Kristiina, and in that time the effect on my confidence, presence, and growth as a leader has been remarkable. Her guidance helped my coaching circle cohort redefine what leadership can look like. Her facilitation and forthright instruction made it possible for us to embrace the vulnerability of our joint sessions in order to examine our shared challenges, reinforce each other’s strengths, and encourage one another in our growth areas.

My 1:1 sessions with Kristiina have also been invaluable in providing an outside perspective and a deeper dive into my own identity as an individual leader and as a professional Black woman in the entertainment industry. She is consistently both supportive and challenging/questioning — a combination that has allowed me to amplify my strengths and break with my negative patterns while providing me with tools that I expect to use for the rest of my career.

Without reservation, I can say that participating in coaching with Kristiina has been incredibly beneficial and has fundamentally impacted my day-to-day as well as my future. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with her more in the coming year. – N. King

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