Client experience

Clients find Kristiina’s leadership coaching valuable:

“I appreciate the earnestness that you bring to what you see and hear. Your clarity and the way you articulate your feedback and coaching is a strong confirmation that I CAN change how I look at things, how I feel about things and how I can go about achieving the dreams that I aspire to. This has given me a renewed sense of self confidence and joy. A joy that I plan on harvesting for the rest of my life.” – Karen Kramer, Sr VP

“After 25 years as a senior executive from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups I have had numerous opportunities to interface with executive coaches. I would describe Kristiina as Unique. I needed to improve relations with my Board of Directors and develop better teamwork within my staff. In a very short period of time the results were excellent: significant improvement in my relationship with the Board of Directors and my direct reports noticed improvements in my management style. With Kristiina’s help we built accountability that made the team work more effectively together. I found Kristiina to be flexible in her approach, committed to make me successful, passionate about her role, and able to project “class” to everyone she interfaced with.” – Thomas D. Mino, CEO

“I am feeling immense gratitude right now for the coaching you provided this morning and also for the role you have played as my coach over the years.  I can’t thank you enough—your coaching has been such a gift to me!  I hope you feel the waves of gratitude, and love I am sending you, in honour of who you are and the gift you bring to this world and the people you touch. From my heart to yours,”  – Leslie E., Professional Coach

“Thank you Kristiina! It’s so wonderful to work and learn with you!” – Karen K., Executive

“Kristiina is deeply skilled getting to emotional truth. Of connecting and enabling others to connect. There is an art and science to understanding and transforming cultures. Kristiina has the skills to safely guide others into deep inquiry and reflection, the true source of all change. At The Executive Network of Seattle she led or co-led the creation of new programs and initiated and led the dialog at the board level of looking at the board’s culture.  She originated several highly innovative ideas that resulted in a new depth of connection between members as well as triggering new personal insights. These results were achieved in a volunteer organization – perhaps the toughest environment in which to accomplish a fundamental change of culture and purpose.” – Scott Parris, Co-Chief Value Officer at TENS

“During the whole process, Kristiina was a good listener, asked a multitude of good questions, and had a charming way of presenting the truth in ways that did not come across as hurtful. It was clear from the beginning that Kristiina understood the situation of the organization at that point in time; we built plans together on how to interact in critical situation, how to learn from one another and how to be as a team stronger than the sum of the individual performances. We were able to freely talk about the differences in approaching critical business situations, about the ways of dealing with conflict amongst each other; we were definitely a team much more than we were at the beginning of the interaction with Kristiina.” – Raluca Dinu, PhD, Vice President

“Kristiina may well be the perfect coach. She takes minute interest in learning about you, then gently but firmly asks just the right questions that will allow you to discover the right answers for yourself. She’s supportive, caring, strong, and genuine. A real treasure!” – Polly Hopkins, Sr VP

“Working with Kristiina was a fantastic experience. The hardest thing for me was just getting going. I was initially tentative because of my negative attitude. Working with a career coach has allowed me to identify my personal values and focus on what is meaningful to me. The skills, awareness, and clarity with identifying my values have been essential to my success.” – Craig Brookes, Architect

“Kristiina is an incredible coach because as a result of the work with Kristiina my personal relationships have improved, my business has grown, and I’ve grown personally.  Our business is more profitable and we are more productive.  My personal growth has made me more fulfilled in my life.” – Sunny Tan, LMP, Lac, business owner

“Coaching with Kristiina has helped me make some professional and personal decisions that helped me stay true to my values. It also enabled me to recognize key drivers of my happiness. From that I was able to identify short-term and long-term goals that reflect my true needs and desires.” – Amanda Nguyen, Director

“Excellent experience! A surprise! So much more than I expected. Got me unstuck. Pushed me over the edge to take action and own the issue. Expectations were beyond met. I keep moving and shifting.” – Brenda Fisher, Director

“Kristiina has helped me through the tragic loss of my first husband to the more mundane but important issues of friendships, parenting and being a better partner to my current spouse. She has  a clarity of thought that is amazing… Kristiina is extremely gifted at what she does and anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her is truly fortunate.” – Cindy Pauley, Dentist

“It was very helpful and very good and experience. You got me to think beyond my problem and got me to think about enjoying life again. I got over being depressed.  I’m now planning more things to do and enjoy.” Gil Pauley, PhD, Business owner

“Having you coach me has increased my self confidence and my sense of my self and my abilities, better sense of humor and respect. I recommend you to everyone. Kristiina’s coaching is unique. Not only have I changed but all the people I’m around. I can listen better. She is a gem! A challenging, learning and healing experience. Why didn’t I find you sooner! My expectations were more than met.” – Rosie Benzonelli, community activist

“Kristiina is a stellar coach. Since beginning my work with her I’ve lost 30 pounds, taken my career and business to the next level, and become a more authentic human being.  All while she has expertly navigated the waters of grief and loss with me. She is kind, thoughtful, bold, joyful, smart, and energizing.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Amy Ahlers, Coach

“Working with Kristiina has been a life changing experience. I was lifted out of the “fog” I was living in and have been moving forward ever since, in a way I never thought possible. Kristiina helps me tap into my inner voice and strength and find clarity, motivation and inspiration. She is a main ingredient in my recipe of LIFE that I am now living to the fullest!” – Tammy Hunter, Photographer

“When I think about the work we have been doing together, I want to say ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of my heart. You have coached me with graciousness and deliberation and have acknowledged my strengths and skills that will guide me into the future. I am making changes in my life and have been able to look at habits or styles that no one has ever addressed with me. “ – Karen Kramer, Sr VP

“Kristiina and I met at a networking event and immediately connected based on her background, expertise and warmth. She has been a professional coach to me for several years now helping me navigate professional challenges and growth in my career and through a significant career change. Kristiina has been extremely valuable providing guidance for building teams, managing difficult relationships, helping understand the vision of my dream job and onboarding into my new role.”  – Sharon  Gillespie, Sr VP

Comments about Kristiina’s leadership:

“Kristiina is a trail blazer and an innovative role model. As the creator of the Women in Innovation events, she walks her talk. I’ve been invited to participate as a speaker in two of her events. When an event is as superbly produced, as Kristiina’s are, they’re a pleasure to be a part of and an enriching networking opportunity. I am looking forward to joining in, on any event Kristiina invites me to!” Lara Feltin, CEO

“Kristiina is very passionate about supporting women with innovative ideas. She is a visionary leader who encourages sociable conscious businesses. Her work with me on my business DRES has opened my eyes to new possibilities I would not have thought of without her insight. She gives wonderful support and encouragement and has a big, big heart! I highly recommend her strategic business services. The WIN Summit was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Don’t miss the next one!!”  Margaret Spencer, CEO

Feedback from Kristiina’s leadership training workshop:

Great leadership training!

It was very thought provoking. Every topic made me think of real life examples and will help me address them with new tactics going forward.

Excellent content – loved it!

I enjoyed the exercises where we talked about different aspect of leadership.

I liked the two wheels and people sharing where they were strong or weak in particular aspect.

Productivity & Positivity metrics were really useful in framing a good leadership scenario.

Really liked the steps on empowering people.

Good: the group exercises were great. Being able to gain understanding of others was immensely helpful.

Good: I liked interactive activities, getting up and moving. I liked hearing people’s voices to be “heard” as a good way grow camaraderie.

Opening my eyes to similarities across teams… similar issues/synergies.

Structure and content was good and new to me.

Very valuable training.

Open, comfortable environment.

I liked that I’m not alone in my job, my fears, my emotions.

Good flow. Topics led into each other making the conversation natural.

I was reminded that I can only change myself.

I liked the strength focus.

Talking about how we all have similar fears helped me put this job in perspective.

I learned about myself: what I’m capable of; I’m not alone; it’s not just one part of a problem, but learning to look at all aspects of an issue.

I’m glad you made individualized charts and graphics.

Loved how the activities are interactive.

I definitely have some “nuggets” to use in my job.

I liked taking the time to access global (corporate) concerns.

Appreciated having a safe space to be in.

All the discussions were meaningful, not fluff.

I felt very engaged the whole time.

Activities were so good and really helped build relationships with each other to be more vulnerable.

Such a great training, Thank you!!!

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