The Secret Formula for Creating Trust

Studies show that it is more worthwhile to develop your strengths than your weaknesses. So, if we women already excel at friendship-making – let’s develop that capability to the level of mastery! It will serve us well when the goal is to develop a culture of collaboration.

Men, listen up: here is your chance to learn the secret formula about how women – and not surprisingly, the best leaders of either gender – communicate in order to create connectivity that results in trust and friendship. Amal&Kristiina.webI teach these ingredients of collaborative communication to my executive coaching clients and participants in my new-manager training programs.

The formula for creating trusting relationships consists of these three skills:

  1. Inquire! Ask questions with authentic curiosity.
  2. Listen! Be present with genuine fascination, because everyone wants to be seen, heard and appreciated for our contributions.
  3. Solicit feedback! Stay open for feedback in order to continuously grow, learn and develop.

Furthermore, for friendship-making to become adopted as a model for collaboration, we must add the fourth, crucial step:

4. Take action! Together. The world needs you

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